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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Marriage Plot Thickens

So I last wrote about my anxiety over wedding planning, and the books I got out of the library didn’t do much to assuage it. All I want is a simple, quiet wedding, something like what I imagine Jane Eyre and Rochester would have had. After all, Rochester was blind at the time. And he kept his last wife in the attic for years. What did he know about weddings?

But the details just seem endless and a tad ridiculous. One of the books actually suggests that to save money on hiring a band or a DJ, you should have relatives perform recitals for you. No, it’s not a joke. Another book suggested making a cake out of Styrofoam and covering it in icing. So are these the options I’m left with if I don’t want a big fancy spectacle? Make-believe cakes and nephews singing off key? Shoot me now.

Actually, Kathleen Kennedy’s book, Priceless Weddings for Under $5,000 is pretty good. She talks about priorities—as in, figuring yours out. And that’s my whole problem—I don’t know what mine are when it comes to a wedding. For so long, I rallied against this institution that now it’s a bit of a tough sell.

But I’m off now to start filling in my “Location Worksheet.” Apparently, a wedding has to actually be held somewhere. Ay ay ay . . .